Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 92.01

Detective-inspector White awoke to the sound of old-style police bells. Ah! He reached across the bed for his phone.

“There's been a disturbance, sir.”

White flannelled his face with his hand and returned the phone to his ear. “You woke me at--” He squinted at the bedside clock. “--Three in the morning to tell me that?”

“It's a bit out of the ordinary, though, sir. A bit more in your area.” Sergeant Draper had risen to his rank by virtue of the Police Fast Track for Graduates Scheme. Unfortunately, Draper had graduated with a first in Geography and considered a lack of imagination one of his positive character traits.

“My area?” White rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “Who am I? Fox Mulder?”

“Is that someone in another department? What's his number?”

“No.” White looked at his still-sleeping wife and carried the phone to the bathroom. He needed to pee anyway. “Tell me the details.”

“Mary McKinty, sir, arrested for a breach of the peace. Claims her boyfiriend has come back from the dead.”

“Did the officers see the alleged dead boyfriend?”

“Yes sir. Short, Caucasian male, early twenties. Glasses.”

“And was he dead?”

“No sir. That's the weird bit.”

“A woman's boyfriend isn't dead, and that's weird, is it?”

“Yes sir. No, I mean...the weird bit is he disappeared twenty years ago and according to Mrs McKinty hasn't aged a day.”

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