Monday, January 9, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 93.01

Harold scowled at the dark house, rain dripping from the corners of his umbrella. “I can't believe she went out.”

“You're not her keeper, Harold.” Gillian plucked Ada's library book from his hand and stuffed it through her letter box. “She's probably gone to bingo. She has appointments just like anybody else.”

“Appointments? Darn!”Harold bit his lip and turned to Jasfoup. “I forgot all about that appointment with Jim Hunt this afternoon.”

“That was a tad irresponsible of you.” Jasfoup plucked an imaginary hair from his lapel and watched as it didn't float gently to the ground. He stepped over the spot where it didn't land. “He has an army of golems ready to bend the world to his bidding and you forget the appointment to see him?”

“It's only conjecture that he has an army of golems.” Harold crossed the pavement and unlocked the van. “Based of game theory and rubber-sheet socio-mechanics.”

“I'd love to hear your thought on that sometime.” Dill shuffled forward, his dustbin liners somewhat the worse for wear after four hours continual use. “Especially as you're bang on the nail.”

Jasfoup touched his shoulder to spin him around. The heat from his hand melted the thin plastic slightly. “Bang on the nail about what? The golems?”

Dill brushed at his shoulder, seeming only slightly concerned about the plastic welded to his shoulder. “That's right.” He looked from Jasfoup to Harold. “ I've seen them. He's five hundred of the things. They look like terminators from the movies, you know?”

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