Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 93.03

“Get away!” Harold scoffed. “Writing a computer program like that would take every ounce of human intellect and emotion. One person couldn't possible program in all the possible responses to make a computer seem intellectually aware.”

“I had had help.” Dill made expansive gestures with his bin-bag arms. “Most of the response mechanisms are subroutines to search the previous statement on the web and select an appropriate response based on the findings. You don't have to program a response to 'I think I love Peter' when you have all of Shakespeare, Wikipedia and Facespace to filter for responses.”

“What happens if you cut off its internet connection?”

“It'd be as dopey as a religious studies major. Actually, I wrote precisely that as a default response: 'God wants it like that.'”

Harold laughed as he opened the passenger door. “That's scarily appropriate.”

“Would you mind chatting about programming philosophy some other time?” Gillian was trying to shelter from the weather in the lee of the house but was failing. “Must I point out your daughter will catch her death of cold?”

“Sorry.” Harold shared a raised eyebrow 'women!-what-can-you-do-but-obey' expression with the zombie and bent to his task of attaching the car seat. He called across to Jasfoup. “You could offer to help.”

“What can I do?” The demon lifted a wing and used it to shelter Gillian and Lucy. “I don't know anything about programming.”

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