Friday, January 13, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 93.05

Dill came to the back door after Harold and Jasfoup climbed inside and found somewhere to sit. “What about my book?”

Harold frowned. That's a good point. I remember getting the photocopies out of the machine. Who had them after that?”

“I thought you did?” The demon patted his pockets. “No, wait, I've got it here.” He drew a plastic bag from somewhere bear his trouser region and waved it in the air.

“Can I have the papers, then?” Dill held out his hand. “I need to get back to Sam at Twilight and sort out something that doesn't decay so much.”

Jasfoup passed him the bag. “There you go. Just remember it's considered necromancy to alter the state of souls.”

“Like priests do?” Dill chuckled as he began to close the van door. “See you around guys.”

“I hope not.” Harold leaned back against the side wall of the van. The whole concept was modelled on the idea of a travelling library, only without the inconvenience of actually having shelves or letting people borrow the books. I hope that's the last I ever see of him. He gave me the willies.”

“I doubt it was intentional.” The van lurched and Jasfoul sat gingerly on a crate of historical fiction. “It probably just fell off and he gave it you for safekeeping.”

“Not literally. I just meant he was creepy.”

“So are you to a lot of people.” Jasfoup looked around the cramped interior. “Why do you carry so many books about? You never told me.”

“It's in case I brake down. I'll always have something to read while I wait for roadside assistance.”

“Is that why you carry the mannequin?”

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