Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 93.06

Harold scowled. He could see the demon's grin like a Cheshire cat in the darkness, yellowed from the street lights filtered through the small back-door windows. “I got Ronnie for the shop window display. There was a shop closing down on Low Street and I got her for a bargain.”

“Ronnie's Adult and Party Wear,yes. Her contract expires in three months. She's trying to liquidate all her assets to have a massive blow out before the Reaper takes her.” He gave a low chuckle. “Either that or she's going to give it all to charity and enter the cloisters in a vain effort to undo the damnation of a life of debauchery and fart cushions.”

“I thought you didn't Reap mortals because it interfered with their freedom of choice?”

“Contracts are special cases. Reaping is generally a clause in any original agreement. They've already made their choice, you see.”

“So will I get reaped?”

“You? You're a special case, Harold. If you haven't made your way downstairs of your own volition it will be my considered privilege to slaughter you personally.”


“To be fair, Harold, I didn't go through with it last time.”

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