Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 94.03

“Leave my family out of this.”Gillian took a step forward, her fingernails already extending into claws. “I couldn't help what happened to me and I never found their killer. They had nothing to do with anything that happened here.”

“Didn't they?” Felicia's voice softened. “I almost bit Lucy. I admit that. I certainly regret it. The point is, I didn't and I can see she's fine.” She smiled at the child, asleep under Gillian's arm. “I love her like my own and I know Julie did too. You're over-protective of her because you're terrified she'll be taken away from you. And she will, You know she will. But not by me. She has a destiny none of us can even imagine. She's an angel, albeit a mortal one. She could be the new messiah for all we know. I can't promise to never lose my temper again but I can promise you there's a bond between Lucy and I that goes deeper than flesh. Even in the depth of rage I can recognise her.”

Gillian's claws receded but her tone remained as cold as a banker telling someone they were overdrawn. “You expect me to forgive you, just like that?”

Felicia shook her head, the anger draining away. She looked like a girl lost in the woods with no idea which way to run. “No. I expect you to let me go.”

Without further ado she climbed into her car and started it, then backed out of the parking space and out of the stable yard. Gillian remained silent, staring after her tail lights until the noise of the engine and the reek of exhaust fumes had faded into the darkness.

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