Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 94.05

“I asked Jasfoup about it last time I was visiting my dad. It's their policy to encourage screaming only in the damned. Apparently it doesn't look good to have the gaolers screaming too.”

“Ah. Makes sense.”

“So the chances are she'll stay here as a ghost.”

Gillian stopped dead, causing Harold to bump into her. Had they been walking faster he might well have crushed Lucy. “Here?”

“Well she's nephilim, so she wouldn't be damned and she can't be a devil so there's no place in Hell for her, I shouldn't think.” He frowned and moved round her. Was that the kettle he could hear? “Unless they've made a new area called the wood of accidental and rather pointless deaths, anyway. She could have gone to Limbo if the last Pope hadn't closed it down and sent all the unbaptised babies into Tartarus.”

“ You're saying she'll remain here?”

“Why not? It seems logical.”

“Logical? It's bad enough with the ghosts that are already here. I don't want my daughter growing up in a house where a ghost screams continually.”

“We don't know she'll do that. Perhaps she'll adjust once she realises she's not in Hell.” Harold reached the kitchen and pushed open the door a crack. He looked cautiously inside before opening it fully, using his sleeping child's feet as a battering ram. “Anyway, she's not here yet. Perhaps she'll haunt somewhere else, like the hospital.”

“Let's hope so. Perhaps they'll leave out the tranquillisers.”

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