Friday, January 27, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 95.05

Harold paused, his hand still on the door handle. He looked at Dill over his shoulder. “I want to know, but I don't. What did you...” His voice trailed of as he felt his meal consider making a repeat appearance. “No. Don't tell me. It can only make my life a little bit more horrid.” He went inside where the laughter and good cheer stopped as quickly as the conversation in a Yorkshire pub at the entrance of an American tourist.

“S'up?” Jasfoup winked at Gillian. Actually winked. Harold saw it.

“I have to take Dill back to mum's. We gave him her library book and pushed ours through the letterbox.”

“Right. I'll get my coat.”

Harold held up a hand. “No need. It's just a quick trip to Mum's and back. I shan’t be long.”

“Why not just send Devious?” Jasfoup jerked his head at the imp “He can be there and back in under a minute. Save you going back out at all.”

“It's okay. I'll go.” Harold picked up his coat and keys. “Maybe I'll have a cuppa with mum on account of her babysitting all day.”

“Well, if you insist.” Jasfoup reached for the tea pot.

“Are you sure you'll be all right?” Gillian put her mug down and wiped her mouth with a napkin. “I could come with you, if you like. You could drop me off in town if you want some alone time with Ada. I could do with a proper meal anyway.”

“No, it's fine.” Harold gave her a terse smile. “Spend a bit of time with Lucy.”

“She's asleep.”

“But you never know when it'll be your last chance.” Harold pulled on his coat. “Don't wait up.”

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