Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 100.03

“Let me get this straight.” Dill leaned against the van and inspected his shoe while he talked. “You went to church and Sunday school to learn business practices?”

“Practice makes perfect.” Harold sat on the wing but since the engine had already gone cold all he got was a damp behind. “By the time I realised going to church was just a series of fruitless activities that were more about people feeling good about themselves than giving thanks to an almighty being I'd already learned enough to set myself up as a charity and get an even better rate of interest than the church provided. I took investments from all my classmates and gave them a preferential rate above that which the Post Office offered. I was the wealthiest kid in school. I would have won the Bath and Wells young entrepreneur award if it had been invented in time.”

“Right. So you sailed through school, I suppose? One of the privileged few?”

“Not at all. The government changed and the economy collapsed. I lost my charitable status because, ironically, I didn't make enough money. I struggled through high school and university like any other student.”


“Oxford. You can't go wrong with a classical education paired with an acute business sense.”

“What did you read at Oxford?”

“Ancient languages. That's when I got interested in old books.”

“And you learned magic?”

“No, not at all. That was years later, after the angels came to kill me.”

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