Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 96.05

“I'd rather not.” Harold grinned in case the officer took it as a criticism of his boy. “Not after it's been up there, anyway.”

“I know what you mean. Daft innit? You spend all you life learning how to be hygienic and then you get a kid and it all goes out of the window.”

“If you say so.” Harold glanced at the other officer. He didn't recognise her, but she'd pushed away her plate when Mike had talked about his son's predilection for nostrils and now pushed away her glass as well.

“Do you actually want anything?” The burly café owned wiped his hands on a tea towel. “Only since I'm standing here doing nothing...”

“Sorry, yes. A cup of tea to take away, please.”

“A cup of tea. Sure. That'll keep me in business. It's high value orders like yours that keeps me open three hundred and sixty four days a year.”

Harold leaned forward to see him in the kitchen. “You can add a surcharge if you like.”

“Sure. Thanks.”

“Come on, Mike. Time we were back doing the rounds.”

“Right.” He drained his cup and stood. “Good to see you again, Mr Waterman.”

“Yes it was.” Harold shook the proffered hand. “Will your lass be going to Piy's Infants?”

“What?” Harold frowned. “Probably. I hadn't thought about it.”

“Best you get your application in.”

“She's only two.”

“Can't be too early.”

“You're right. I should apply for her little brother, too.”

“Oh? I didn't know you had another.”

“I haven't, but maybe in a year or two...”

“Oh, you're pulling my leg.” Mike wagged his finger at Harold. “Very clever.”

The cook put a large red cup on the counter. “Here's your tea.”

“Great.” Harold took out his wallet. “How much do I owe you?”

“With the voluntary surcharge you suggested? Seven hundred quid.”

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