Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 96.08

“Something to think about.” Harold turned right into The Terrace, veered across the other side of the road and parked against the traffic outside his mother's. “Looks like she's back from Bingo.”

“Brilliant.” Dill picked up the plastic bag with her library book inside and handed it to him. “Do you want me to stay here?”

Harold looked at him. Either the smell had faded a little or he'd got used to it. “Nah. Mum's met you already. It'll be fine.”

He locked the van and led Dill around to the back door. The back passage, which led to both the cellars and the kitchen, was unlit but a lightt shone under the kitchen door. He opened it a crack. “Mum? Are you decent?”

“Who is it?”

Harold pursed his lips. His mum had been asking that ever since he was old enough to leave the house on his own. He was an only child. It wasn't like there was a vast group of siblings calling her 'mum'. “It's me, Harold.”

“Oh, good. I wanted a word with you about my library book.. Have you dumped that corpse somewhere?”

“Um...not exactly.”

Dill peered over Harold's shoulder. “Hello again, Mrs Waterman.”

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