Monday, February 6, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 98.01

Ada stood and rushed to the stack of old newspapers. “Help me put these down, would you?” She began spreading the pages across the kitchen floor. Harold took an old copy of the Times and helped. “Isn't Stinky here to do this?”

“He's got time off for good behaviour.” Ada nudged him with her elbow. “He's courting.”

“Courting? Stinky?” Harold frowned. “But he's ancient. He must be forty or fifty.”

Her face darkened and she gave him a thump on the arm. “I'm over seventy. You must think me decrepit.”

“It's different for you. You're fae.” He frowned as her words sank in. “Wait. You're not thinking of having another child?”

“Stone me, no. One was bad enough.” She surveyed the room and began covering one chair with newspaper as well. Only when every inch of the floor was covered did she take the remainder of the paper from her son. “There. You can come in now, Mr Farthing, but mind you stay on the newspaper. You'd leaked in the hall earlier and I had a devil of a job to get the boards clean again.”

“Thank you.” Dill stepped carefully onto the newspaper. “I appreciate your indulgence, missus. It's good to see you again.”

“I expect it is.” She gave Harold a push and returned to her seat. “Don't just stand there like a gormless oik. Put the kettle on.” She sniffed. “And the extractor fan.”

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