Friday, February 10, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 98.05

“Har-de-har” Harold zoomed in on the image until the positions of the legs was apparent. “Look, its legs aren't at the bottom of the torso. You didn't make it like that, did you?”

Ada adjusted her glasses. “I don't remember, Harold. You know how it is. You roll out the little sausages and stick them on the bottom. I don't remember exactly where they went. Does it matter?”

“It does a bit. I think its reforming itself into a spider.”

“It can't do that, can it?”

“Non-malleable spirits, the book said. Thank Go—odness you made one out of plasticine and not old VW Beetles. We'd have been in a potload of trouble then.”

“It's turning into a spider, is it?”

“I think so, mum, yes.” Harold looked again, careful not to get too close. “The cat hairs are slowly being covered in plasticine as well. I think they're becoming its extra legs.”

“Well I don't want plasticine cobwebs everywhere.”

“What sort of spider did you use?”

“A house spider.”

“No cobwebs, then. Just an aggressive little bugger who pounces on anything it can convert into dinner.” Harold grimaced and reached for the lid to the Rovers Assortment tin. “Let's not give it any more plasticine, eh?”

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