Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 99.04

“Sure, sorry, Mrs Waterman.” Dill slammed the tin lid back on top of the homunculus, effectively flattening it again. “That should give us a moment to think about a solution.”

Harold looked across at the stove. “We could burn it.” He held his hand hand over the flattened cake. “Flamma

A burst of flame spread from his palm onto the plasticine. Thick black smoke roiled from the surface and made Ada cough. “Stop it Harold. You should know you can't burn plasticine. You tried it often enough when you were little. The number of times I caught you trying to burn your dolls in the garden!”

“Dolls?” Dill grinned.

Harold narrowed his eyes. “Interactive imagination toys to develop an enquiring mind.”

“He objected to their proportions.” Ada crossed to the sink and filled a glass with water. “He felt they promoted an unhealthy self image among developing adolescents.”

“And I was right, too.” Harold jumped back as she poured the water over the smouldering plasticine. “It's been born out over years of sociological studies.” He nodded to the homunculus. “It's trying to grow legs again.”

“What happens if we actually remove one?” Dill pulled the developing limb away and dropped it in his palm. They all watched it wriggle for several seconds before it went still.”

“Is it dead or just playing dead?” Harold drew closer to it. It remained inert. “It looks pretty dead. If that's the case we can keep taking bits of it until there's not enough left for it to build a body with.”

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