Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 99.05

“Worth a try.” Dill pulled off half a dozen pieces and laid them in a row along the table. “I don't know how we tell if they're truly inanimate, mind.”

Harold glanced up. It was an odd fact, but despite the lad being mortality challenged and no longer able to display involuntary muscle twitches, he nevertheless did display minute expressions caused by his concentration. At the moment his brow was lightly furrowed by the effort of keeping his eyes trained and focussed on the lumps of plasticine. Not as pronounces as a normal persons would be, but present nonetheless. “How do you mean?”

“Well, I have neither heartbeat nor breath. If I lay down would you be able to tell if I was alive or not?”

“I could give you a kick.”

“Let's assume you don't.”

“I don't suppose I would, then.”

“There you go. What if these pieces are inert because they don't need to be active yet? It's not like we can tell whether they still have a bit of life force in them, is it?”

“You may be right. I could have one of the imps watch them over a long period. If we set them all out on a sheet of paper and draw around them, he could watch hundreds at a time.”

“There has to be an easier way.” Dill picked at the blisters on his hand. “Isn't there a reversal spell to take the spirit away from it again?”

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