Friday, February 17, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 99.06

“Oh.” Harold slumped, as if the world's worries had suddenly been taken from his shoulders. “Of course there is. I should have thought of that myself.” He picked up the book again and began leafing through it. “Why did they never think of putting an index in these old books?”

“Or a search function.” Dill whacked the spider with the tin lid again to be on the safe side. “I don't suppose it comes as a PDF, does it?”

“You suppose right. There are only two copies of this book in existence. Well, three now, if you count the photocopy.”

“What happened to that, by the way? That was the whole purpose of me escaping Magelight Industries and I haven't seen it since.”

“I don't know. I thought it was in the bag with the original.” Harold closed the book, his finger marking the page he'd got to. “Mum? Were there some photocopies in the bag this came in?”

“Photocopies?” Ada paused in the process of putting coffee in the cafettiere. “Yes, I think there were.”

“Where are they?”

“Oh,were they important? I didn't realise. I put them on the fire.”

“So now we're back to square one?” Dill grimaced and hit the homunculus once more for good measure. “That's all I need.”

“I could pull out your spirit and put it into something else, if you like.” Harold waved the book, his finger still between pages. “Something less...decompositioney.”

Dill nodded slowly. “Sounds good. What were you thinking?”

“Something humanoid, at least.” Harold sucked his lip, thinking. “How about an Action Man?”

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