Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 99.07

“Seriously? You want me to be eight inches tall?”Dill shook his head, holding up his hands. “I really don't think so, chum. Not my idea of amusement. I'd rather continue eating people's heads than risk being locked in a toybox, if it's all the same to you.”

“Fair enough. I was just trying to think what we had in the house.”

Ada returned with her freshly brewed coffee. “You're being ridiculous, Harold. I thought you'd read the instruction manual?”She tapped the cover of the book.

“I have...well...sort of. I skimmed through it, anyway.”

“Then you missed the whole part about the mage making the golem with his own hands. Hardly the case if you're offering the poor lad a Barbie doll.”

“I didn't offer...” Harold pursed his lips. “Did you make me a tea?”

“Of course...” Ada patted his hand, “not. You're big enough and ugly enough to make your own. And I'm sure your friend wants something by now. It's gone midnight.”

“No, I'm good thanks.” Dill patted his stomach. I can't drink tea, anyway. It goes straight through me.”

“You're allowed to use the loo, you know.”

“No, not like that.” Dil lifted up his shirt to expose the deep purple and magenta bruising around his torso. “There's a hole in my stomach, look. Any liquid I consume that isn't blood pours straight out the bottom.”

“How awful, to have a hole in your stomach like that.”

Dill gave a half-hearted shrug, but only with the shoulder he remembered to move. “I can live with it.”

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