Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 99.08

Harold barked with laughter but, seeing the expressions on Dill and Ada's faces, clamped a hand over his mouth. “Sorry. I thought you were making a joke. The whole 'I can live with it' when you're actually dead.” He waved his hands. “I thought it was funny, anyway. Ahem. Did you make me a cup of tea?”

Ada scowled. “What did your last servant die of?”

“Boredom, I think. I'll resurrect him and ask, if you like.” Harold wandered over to the kettle and lifted it an inch to gauge the amount of water inside. Satisfied there was enough for a mug of tea, he switched it on. He returned to the table. “I'm only kidding, Dill, honestly. If I could resurrect people I'd be a movie director. Imagine the zombie films I could make with real zombies.”

Ada nudged him in the ribs and jerked her head toward Dill. “That's in poor taste, Harold.”

“No, it's okay. I know what I am and what I look like.” Dill leaned forward and tapped the book. “The counterspell please, Harold.”

“Right, sorry.” He picked up the book and leafed through it. “I barely glanced at this when I sold the original copy, you know. I read enough to split it into two halves so that it could never be used in earnest but never actually read it, read it.”

“So how did Jim Hunt get hold of it?”

“He bought one half then sent an employee to buy the other. I never made the connection. Actually, I thought he learned his lesson when everything went pear-shaped then but apparently not. He's got an army of golems, you said?”

“Dozens of then yes, all with human spirits inside, from what I gather. Sam's been sending me updates. He's been experimenting on the little cubes that hold the spirits. They're almost indestructible.”

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