Monday, February 20, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 99.09

“Little cubes?” Harold frowned. “They must take the place of the skull engravings. That's claver.”

Ada jabbed him in the ribs with her knuckles. “I don't follow?”

“Ow.” Harold rubbed at the spot. “You did exactly what the book told you to do. You carved the thirteen sigils of control into the skull. That's exactly what Jim Hunt had Keritel doing when there was all that fiasco last time. If he's found a way of converting the magic to utilise cubes, though, then presumably they can be swapped in and out of individual golems.” He raised his eyebrows at Dill, who nodded.

“That's what Sam said.”

Ada sipped at her coffee. “This is all so much gibberish to me. Why would you want to take the spirit out of the golem to put in another one? What's the point?”

“Transportation? Safety?” Harold squeezed his bottom lip between thumb and forefinger. “There could be any number of reasons.”

“Sam and I worked this out before we'd even heard of golems outside of science fiction and Hammer Horror films.” Dill tapped his fingers on the tin lid. “We thought that if we could control the localisation of...what we are we could build ourselves new bodies, and if we could do that we could do it for other people. We could make a select number of people, those we liked and those who could afford it, virtually immortal.”

“And you think that's what Jim Hunt is doing?”

“Not with his Terminators, no. He's working for a military angle. No, our idea was to be able to transfer consciousness into alternative forms. What if that's what Jim Hunt thought of? We've seen the humanoid models. What if he's also got flying ones, underwater ones, tanks...?”

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