Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 99.12

Ada returned to the coffee pot to refill her cup.

“Should you be drinking coffee if you're about to go to bed?” Dill ignored Harold's frantic head shaking. “Only I've heart that speeding up your heart rate isn't good for a state of relaxation.”

Ada turned. “I beg your pardon?”

“There's a direct correlation between drinking coffee and sleeplessness.” Dill glanced toward Harold but he declined to catch the zombie's eye. There was no way Harold was going to cop the fallout from this one. He didn't even want to listen to Ada's retort.

“Young man.” It was always a bad sign when Ada referred to someone by their age. “When I said I was going to bed it was a polite way of saying please hurry up and bugger off because I'm expecting company. I'm well aware of the effects of coffee on the central nervous system and I'm sure by the time my visitor leaves there will be no trace of caffeine in my system and I'll enjoy a blissful two or three hours of exhausted rest.”

Harold bent to his work in a desperate attempt to block out the mental image of his mother's sexual activity. It was probably his father she was expecting but he knew her appetites weren't always reserved for what the Lord of Hell had to offer and for his part he was generally happy that she was happy, though woe betide any demon who left her not fully satisfied. He glanced up, surprised that a zombie could actually wear an expression of true horror. It took all sorts. He found a page that referred to banishment and read it eagerly. Convinced he had the right spell he looked up and waited for a convenient moment to interject.

“ I'll thank you to keep your opinions about the chemistry and your speculation about my sex life to your self in future.”

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