Friday, February 24, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 99.13

Harold raised his hand and waited patiently for Ada to notice him and nod her assent for him to speak. “I've found the relevant control phrase to dismiss the spirit contained in an homunculus. Interestingly, if you prepare another soul trap in advance you can nudge them out of one and into the next like pouring water from a bucket to a watering can.”

“Go on then. Before my coffee goes cold.”

“Right. First we need to find the symbol for animus laqueus. It should look like a square with three lines though it.” He flipped to the pages describing the runes and showed them. “Can you remember where you inscribed it, Mum?”

“On his head, obviously.” Ada peered at the homunculus pancake. “Only it's flat now and I can't see any of them.”

“Hold up.” Harold closed his eyes. “Video vidi visum turpis.”

Dill frowned. “I came to see something unpleasant? My Latin’s a little rusty.”

“I'm surprised you even know any. I didn't think they taught it any more.”

“They don't. Not in my school, anyway. I got it from playing “Terminal Apocalypse Three.”

“Really?” Harold raised an eyebrow. “I play that, too.”

“Ooh! That's pretty.” Ada pointed at the homunculus, where thirteen symbols glowed with a blue light.

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