Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 100.05

Harold started the engine then leaned back in his seat, waiting for the de-misters to do their job and the cab to heat up to somewhere that was warm enough for him but not so warm that it would accelerate Dill's rate of decomposition. “I met a half-sister once. She lived in a turf cottage on the edge of the sea on the isle of Orkney. We had a lovely afternoon drinking tea with sheep's milk and eating pizza.”

“I didn't know they delivered that far.”

“They don't. It was a cook-in-the-oven one from the local Spar. Hawaiian. Can you imagine that? I can't think of a place less like Hawaii than Orkney and yet that's the only pizza they had in stock.”

“Perhaps they'd sold out of all the types that people actually eat.”

“Oh.” Harold slapped himself on the forehead. “Do you know, I never thought of that. Of course. It's the only logical explanation.Far more probable than someone knew I was coming.”

“Do you still see her?”

“No, unfortunately. The evening after I visited a freak storm hit the Shetland Isles and washed away her whole cottage. Not a trace of her left.”

“Perhaps she escaped.”

“No, I don;t think she did. I think the angels were following me. I kept seeing this crow, you know? I swear to this day it was the same one, all the way from here to there.”

“And you think crows are angels in disguise?”

“Not at all. That would be stupid.” Harold leaned forward and put the van into gear. “Mostly they use pigeons.”

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