Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 101.02

“You're being unnecessarily cruel. You've been hanging about with Jasfoup too much.” Harold increased his speed once he could see the bulk of Arkwright's Timber and Landscaping Merchants, the last building before the street became a road once more, the buildings fading as the open fields and moorland took over. On the ridge of the hill the dark mass of the forest loomed.

“I haven't been with him much at all, to be honest. He collected me from your house and we took a taxi to your mum's. After that, you and he were involved with all that business with the dead girl.”

“I'm still not comfortable with that. What was she doing, trying to steal Lucy away?”

“Lucy?” Dill leaned forward. “Oh, your kid. She's got a talent as well, I presume?”

“A talent?” Harold slowed as a police car passed them, going the other way. “A supernatural talent, you mean? She was born with wings, you know, but they fell off.”

“Fell off? Is that normal?”

“I think so. It's a camouflage effect the nephiilim employ to fit in with human society. I had them too. I only found out a few years ago, though.”

“Did they grow back?”

“Think I'd be driving a van if they did?” He checked the rear-view mirror and increased his speed again. “No. They never did. I'm in two minds about Lucy's. It would be fantastic if they re-grey but it would make her an outcast.”

“You're like the real-life X-men.” Dill was lit only by the glow of the dashboard now. His skin seemed to be slightly bio-luminescent. “Where are we going?”

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