Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 101.05

Harold depressed the clutch and shifted into first gear, already accelerating before he let the clutch out again. The van jumped into gear, the tyres spinning as they gained purchase, sending gravel flying at the pursuing golem. He twisted the wheel to get it back on the road and raced off, his accelerator pedal pushed to the floor.

A screech of metal sounded moments before the van bucked to one side. He fought the wheel, glancing at the driver's mirror in the vain hope it wasn't the golem behind him.

It was.

It had caught hold of the side of the van. Even in the tiny amount of taillight reflected from the golem he could see how much the back panel had buckled under its grip. He tried an emergency stop, barely managing to avoid sending the van into a spin. A terrific crash announced the buckling of the red door as the golem smashed into it. He accelerated again, gratified to see the creature being left behind on the road.

He hared off, attempting to put as much distance between them and the metal skeleton as he possibly could. It wasn't until he reaced the timber yard again that he dared to glance back, half expecting the golem to be as close as a horror movie jump shot.

The road behind was clear.

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