Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 101.06

“Look out of your side, will you? Just make sure the damned thing isn't in my blind spot.”

Dill twisted from side to side, gazing into the wing mirror on his side. “No, you're all right. It's clear this side.”

“That's a relief.” Harold eased off the accelerator pedal and the van decreased speed until they were moving at a more sensible forty. Still above the speed limit, to judge by the space between streetlights, but not as bad as they had been. “I need to pull over somewhere and check the damage.”

“I need some clean underwear.” Dill grinned sheepishly. Harold hoped it was a sheepish grin, anyway, rather than a hungry leer.

“There's an all night Tesco...” It sounded dubious, even to Harold. A supermarket generally had btight lights and CCTV. Not the best place for a zombie to remain undercover.

Dill had other ideas. “Brilliant. There's a three level underground car park there. I can go in, get what I need and be out again, all under cover of darkness.

“And I can check the van while you shop.” Harold skipped the turn toward the manor and headed toward the north of the town instead. There used to be a steel manufacturing plant on the site but it was torn down in the nineties. The big supermarket moved in, crushing several of the town centre shops but increasing trade to those who didn't compete with it. “Plus, we need milk.”

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