Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 101.08

“Okay, let me out over there, where there's less of a chance of me freaking people outg.” Dill pointed to a spot where there was a broken ceiling light. “And yes, the army is after me. Not me specifically, I don't think. Not like that golem. I think they're after anyone contaminated with the Magelight weed.”

“Are they working for Jim Hunt?”

“I don't think so. They'd be working outwards from the facility if they were. At the moment they're clustered around town. That implies they're treating the symptoms of the weed, not the problem.”

“I see.” Harold pulled up under the broken light fitting but left the engine running. “Where does Legion fit in all of this? And Manoach?”

“Who?” Dill looked as blank as it was possible to be without actually boiling off the flesh.

“The demons? The ones taking the bodies when the souls have been shifted?”

“Never heard of them, mate. Have you been at the waccy baccy yourself? Demons are your lot, aren't they?”

“Not generally no.” Harold frowned. “Although technically I'm working for Legion and Jasfoup is working for Manoach, so maybe we are on their side.”

“We'll have to continue this in a little while, eh? You go and do your shopping and stuff and meet me back here.”

“Righty-o. What will you be doing?”

“Looking for scraps.” He opened the door and climbed out. “Honestly, mate, you don't want to know.”

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