Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 101.12

Harold moved through the aisles, heading directly for the refrigerated section placed, as in many supermarkets, at the back of the store. The idea was you would spot other items you wanted on the way to and from the item you came in for, thus increasing product movement. This was particularly prevalent on the end-of -aisle offer displays.

“Two for one on bacon.” Dill paused and waved a packet at Harold. “How can you refuse?”

“Because we get all our bacon fresh from the supplier at less than they charge for a packet here.” Harold plucked it out of Dill's hands and dropped it back on the display. “It's a good job that was sealed in plastic or the next person to buy some would be exposed to zombie DNA.”

“It'll survive on the packet for forty-eight hours.” Dill followed him past the cheese and yoghurt aisle. “Ingesting DNA is not how you become a zombie, though.”

Harold stopped. “It isn't? “ He looked past Dill and reached for a plastic bottle. “Vanilla milk shake with no added sugar.” Not having picked up a basket (in an effort to avoid impulse buying) he tucked it under one arm. “How do you catch zombie virus then? A bite?”

“That's the thing. There isn't a virus. A zombie is just someone with a detached spirit. It should be possible to re-attach it.”

“I tried that with Amanda. She'd be a zombie now if I hadn't put her through the mummification process.”

“But the theory was sound.”

“True.” Harold reached the fresh milk display. “Which to get? I like skimmed, Jasfoup like semi and Julie likes full-fat in her coffee.”

“Julie's dead.”

“Right, yes.” Harold sighed. “I'd forgotten for a minute.”

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