Monday, March 19, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 101.17

Harold pressed the call button and they stood awkwardly, not-quite touching as they waited for the lift to take them four floors. “Odd, that security guard. I've never been stopped in a supermarket before.”

“He was probably bored, looking for something to pass the time while he waited for lunch.”

“Lunch?” Harold looked at his watch. “It's one o'clock in the morning.”

“He's night shift security, though. If you work ten in the evening until six in the morning your lunch is going to be at two, isn't it?”

I suppose so.” Harold studied his reflection in the metal doors. He could hear the lift approaching. “I'm just flabbergasted he thought we were stealing that shirt.”

The elevator doors opened and he used Dill into the car, both of them turning to face the doors. Dill unbuttoned his shirt and pulled out four packets of bacon, two sausages and a prime beef steak on a polystyrene tray. “Especially when I was stealing emergency supplies.”

“I don't believe it.” Harold stared open-mouth at the bounty. “I didn't see you taking any of it. I'd have soiled my trousers if I'd known you were shoplifting.”

“Good job you didn't, then.” Dill grinned. “These are handy to munch on when bits start dropping off.”

“I thought you only ate people.”

“People are the best. I seem to regenerate when I eat one of the living. Raw bacon is like cereal bars. You don't really want to eat them but if you're hungry enough you will.”

“Makes sense, I suppose.” The lift came to a halt. “Now put them away in case the cameras pick you up.”

“Cameras. Shit!”


“There were cameras in the shop.”

“Of course there were.”

“They'll have film of me. As soon as they review those tapes I'm dead.”

“You're already dead.”

“No, I mean they'll know I exist. They'll know zombies exist.”

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