Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 101.19

Harold nodded as he led Dill to the van. “Ah. Your partner.”

“Flatmate.” Dill went around the bonnet to the passenger door. “Ex-flatmate now, I suppose.”

“I meant business partner”

“Oh, right.” Dill's phone beeped in his hand. He looked down. “Oh dear.”

“What's up?”

“He's sent me a video.” Dill marked the phone to download and play, then set it in the centre of the dashboard. The screen went dark and began to buffer, then play.

“That's here, isn't it?” Harold glanced out of the window. “I recognise the lights. Isn't that where I dropped you off by the missing one?”

“Yeah. I didn't realise they had cameras in here.”

“They have cameras everywhere.” Harold studied the video. “Look! There's a bloke with a jacket like yours.”

“It's the same jacket.”

“Ah.” Harold watched in silence as the footage showed a figure appear from the shadows and catch the man around the neck, wrestling him to the floor before tearing at his neck with his teeth. The man struggled briefly, then looked more like a rag doll than anything as Dill feasted on his remains, removing the man's clothes to gain access to the hidden parts. The video ended when Dill, now looking as human as his victim, collected the remains and carried them to the nearest bin.

Dill picked up the phone. “He's replaced that footage with an uneventful section. This is the only remaining copy.”

“Best you delete it, then.” Harold sat back and took a few deep breaths. “I'm glad there wasn't any sound.”

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