Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 102.03

“Since when have you ever defended your family.” Gillian gave him a punch on the arm that would have broken a mortal man's. “Where were you when the attack came? Where were you when a terminator ripped the door off its hinges? Where were you when Lucy took her first swing with a sword?”

“Lucy has a sword?” Harold frowned, still rubbing his arm. “Since when?”

“It's only a plastic one from the pound shop but that's not the point. Look, Harold, I know you mean well but you're the most selfish man I've ever met, and I've ate my fair share of selfish men.”

“Selfish? I was looking forward to an early bedtime but when Dill here showed up desperate for s lift to my mums, did I waver and tell him to bugger off? No. I put on my shoes and drove him all the way back to mum's.”

“You've been gone three hours.”

“I had to stop for tea to stay awake, then mum was having trouble with an homunculus then we came straight home after escaping from another golem and stopping off at the supermarket for a bottle of milk and a bite to eat.”

“And a new shirt for me,” added Dill.

“All right!” Gillian held up her hands in mock-surrender. The katana she held could have taken off Dill's face had it not been sheathed. As it was, it broke his nose with a sickening crunch. “I take it back. I'm sorry about the lapse in my continued adoration of you.”

“That's all right.” Harold smiled. “I'll forgive you where thousands wouldn't. Have you got any arnica for the bruise on my arm?”

Dill nudged his elbow. “I think she was being sarcastic, mate.”

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