Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 102.04

Harold stared at the zombie. “I think your nose is broken.”

“Is it?” Dill felt his face. “That's the trouble with all your nerve endings being dead. You don't feel the pain.”

“On the plus side, though, you don't feel the pain.”

“True.” With a crunch of mistreated cartilage Dill twisted his nose back to shape. “Better?”

“Much.” Harold turned away, trying to keep the cup of tea his mum made in his stomach. He handed the plastic bag to Gillian.

“What's this?” She opened it and looked inside. “Milk? And a milk shake. What do I want with these? Go and put them in the fridge.”

“I thought you might, if you're going in anyway.”

“Which I wasn't.”

“Fair enough then.”

An imp-gate opened and Delirious appeared. He adressed Gillian as if Harold was of no consequence. “The golem is back. It's approaching the west wing. ETA under a minute.”

“Right.” Gillian thrust the katana back into her belt and pulled out her bow, nocking an arrow as she headed to the corner of the house. “Back to work.”

Harold dropped the shopping bag just inside where the door used to be and fumbled in his jacket for the book before he remembered he'd left it with Ada. He looked back at Dill. “What was the incantation to dismiss the homunculus spirit?”

“I don't remember.” He pulled out the photocopied pages. “Here.”

“Thanks.” Harold stopped, looking up just as Gillian rounded the corner and disappeared from view. “I need a light.”

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