Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 102.05

Harold fumbled the paper, trying to recognise the yellowed page of the book in the pristine white photocopies. Dill held his mobile phone over Harold's shoulder, the screen spilling light over the pages. He leafed trough several sheets. “Ah! Here it is. 'Phasmatis phasmatis discedo illic haud postulo vobis moror'. That should do the trick.”

“Brilliant. Hold on a sec.” Dill fiddled with his phone. “Say it again.”

Harold repeated the incantation, then frowned. “Why?”

Dill pressed a button on his phone and the phrase was repeated in a tinny version of Harold's voice.

“You recorded it? I'm not sure a recording would work.”

“Why shouldn't it? You didn't touch the creature when you dismissed the spirit last time, why would it matter id the voice is digital?”

“It shouldn't but...” Harold slapped himself on the forehead. “It won't work at all. You have the cut the animus laqueus sigil as you speak it and I'm guessing the skull isn't easy to access.”

“You'd guess right.” Dill looked up as a minor explosion shook the house. A flash of orange showed around the corner of the house. “Her cherry bombs work, then.”

“Better than my idea of ejecting the spirit.” Harold looked up as his lover hared around the corner, the terminator golem lumbering after her. “New plan.”



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