Friday, March 30, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 102.06

Harold launched into a sprint even he would have thought impossible as he headed toward the drive and he front of the house. Had the front door been unbolted? It seemed unlikely. The mausoleum, then, there was a passage back to the house from there and with any luck the golem would get stuck in the tunnel.

He reached the corned of the house and skidded a ninety degree turn, his reduction in speed sufficient for Gillian to catch up. He glanced across at her. “Dill?”

“He might be a sentient zombie but he can't run as fast as a vampire.”

He risked a glance behind and was relieved to see the lad clear the corner. He was less pleased to see the golem right behind him. He skidded to a halt and yelled. “Dodge!”

Dill leaped to one side just as the golem reached for him. A hook that would have caught the zombie around the middle caught his arm instead, ripping it from its socket as Dill rolled. In an almost comic moment the golem lifted the arm to its face and studied the still-twitching limb before dropping it to the floor and turning around.

“Got another of those explosive arrows?”

“The last one didn't make a dent.”
“It might distract it from Dill, though. Poor kid's going to be mincemeat if we leave him.”

“He'll survive.” Gillian nocked another arrow to the bow to belie her lack of compassion, drew and fired in the same breath. A gout of orange flame engulfed the two figures.

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