Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 102.08

He struggled to remember how fetiches worked. In the past it had always been Julie who enchanted them, drawing on the connection she had with the world of the dead to keep them fed with power. Since her connection to that world was approaching one hundred percent, it was up to him to do it alone. Without the ritual of applying enchantments to an object the power they held would begin to decay, the magic leaking out and twisting the world around them in unpredictable ways.

Ahead, Gillian once more leaped into the fray using her broken katana as a wakizashi and wielding it with the back of the blade against her forearm. Dill was lying immobile on the ground looking more like a barbecued hot dog than a man, since both his arms were missing.

Gillian danced around the golem to avoid its swings and punches. She kept trying to use jiu-jitsu against it but a combination of its immunity to pain and its strength to remain immobile rendered most of the moves useless. “The back of the head,” he called out. “Dill said there was an inspection plate.”

Gillian nodded briefly, the gesture so fleeting it could easily have been missed. She twisted upward, wrapping her legs around its chest from behind and levering herself into position.

“It's got funny nuts,” she called back.

Harold glanced down between the golem's legs. “It hasn't got any at all.”

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