Monday, April 2, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 102.09

Harold could actually feel her scowl despite the golem swinging its arms. Actually one of them was Dill's, still held by the creature as if it hadn't realised the rest of the zombie was no longer attached. “I meant the nuts holding the access plate are odd, as well you know.” Gillian ducked the swinging arm and wrapped her legs more tightly around the golem.

Harold held up the piece of bone and whispered the words of a spell. Instead of enchanting the object a gout of what he could only describe as unflame spread outward from his hand.

Gillian ducked. “That was cold. What did you do?”

“Um...I'm not actually sure. I may have mispronounce the spell.”

“Do it again!. I distinctly felt the golem slow for a moment. It must be susseptible to cold.”

“I don't see why. Cold would increase the conductivity of electrical circuits and make them run faster.”

“This isn't electrical, though, is it? It's a magical being. Haven't you got something that stops magic?”

Harold dodged a piece of Dill as it came flying post. “Not really, no.”

“What about those spells which end other spells? 'Finite Incantatum?” Gillian dropped off the golem's back and rolled out of the way of another blow.

“You're thinking of Harry Potter.” Harold bit his lip. “Things happen in books a lot better than they do in real life.”

“But they're meant to inspire.”

“Yes.” Harold tasted blood from his lip. “Wait! Keep it occupied. I've got an idea.”

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