Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 103.05

“Polly Titian?” Lucy snuffled her approximation of laughter. “Silly Daddy.”

“Am I?” Harold reached the kitchen and opened the door cautiously in case the golem was right outside. “Possibly, but hush now. We have to be very, very quiet.”

“Are we hunting rabbits?” Lucy's whisper could have been heard in the gods.

Harold laid a finger to his lips and lowered his voice even further. “Something like that.” He crept across the kitchen, trying to gauge from the noise where the golem was. It was oddly silent but as he strained to listen at the doorway he heard the ding of metal on metal.

He headed outside, shielding Lucy's eyes from the sight of Dill's charred body, and headed to the front of the house. Gillian and the golem were still fighting, though he could tell one of Gillian's arms was broken and she was favouring her left leg. The golem seemed undamaged.

“I'm scared, Daddy.”

Lucy's whisper chilled his heart. He almost turned tail and returned her to the house but steeled himself to the task ahead. “There's a bad spirit in the monster mummy's fighting. Do you remember what the spirit felt like in Auntie Julie or that woman outside your nan's house?”

Lucy nodded, her movements emphatic. “Is one of those?”

“Like one, yes. Do you think you could send him away too?”

“Didn't send them away, Daddy.” Lucy held up an arm and showed him where her skin rippled like an eel beneath the surface. “I kept them. They're my friends.”

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