Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 103.08

Harold scowled. “That's beside the point. I meant other demons. She has Manoach's demons inside her and they talk to her. She says they're her friends.”

“Is that true, dear?” Gillian lifted Lucy out of Harold's arms. “You have friends living inside you?”

“Yes, mum.” Lucy held out her arm but it was too dark for Harold to see the undulating skin again, a fact he was rather relieved about. “They're my friends. They tell me things.”

“Such as?”

“The composition of nutrients required to sustain life in an oxygen deprived environment.” Lucy grinned, her tiny teeth flashing in the darkness. “Or where Prudence's head went after I lost it.”

“See?” Harold touched Gillian's arm. The bones inside had already begun to knit. In a few minutes it would be as good as new, and Gillian would be ravenously hungy. “At her age she should be at the 'want potty' stage.”

“Nevertheless, there's no indication they're doing her any harm.” Gillian looked across as the golem launched a shower of fresh soil into the air. “It's trying to get free.”

“Take Lucy to touch it. I have an idea she'll absorb the spirit from inside it.”

“That's why you brought her out here? To touch the golem? How reckless a father are you, exactly?”

“Quite a good one, actually. I immobilised it first.”

“But for that flailing arm.”

“Well then. Best you be quick about it.”

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