Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 103.09

“Why can't you...never mind.” Gillian got a safer grip on Lucy and made a partial circle of the golem until she was behind it. It twisted its head to follow her. She looked back at Harold. “Distract it, then.”

“Must I?” He headed to the the other side and tried to think of spells to distract the golem without putting either himself or the girls in danger, then smiled at the thought of what Gillian would say if she knew he thought of them as 'his girls'.

“Harold? Stop grinning inanely and distract the damned thing.”

“Sorry.” Harold pulled one of the pieces of bone from his pocket. Could the golem be tricked? He passed his hand over the bone the way he'd seen a magician perform at Blackpool Pleasure Beach when Frederick had taken his mum and him on a day trip once. “Flambe.”

A sheet of flame enveloped the bone, too brief to burn his hand though he felt the heat like the prickles of holly leaves against his skin. He hefted the bone to throw and the golem's head snapped around to watch him. Its arm lifted to ward its face. That was interesting. It still considered its face vulnerable.

He drew back his arm, making a show of it like the dramatised action of an American baseball pitcher and threw.

The bone hit the golen's head and bounced off. It clattered against one of the house windows. The golem slumped.

Harold pumped his fist in triumph. “Ha! Take that!”

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