Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 105.03

Harold gave Dill a what-can-I-do look and tried to placate her. “It wasn't like that. I woke up with a start because I heard someone in the room. I didn't know it was Dill.”

“So you give out hugs to anyone who passes by?

“Yes. No. It wasn't a hug it was a restraint. I thought my life was in danger.”

“Of course you did.” Gillian sniffed again. “I'm going to get Lucy up. We need to get going. It'll be light again in less than four hours. I suggest you change into your leathers we've a long way to go.”

“Are you sure you want to come? It's going to take more than four hours to deal with this and you know what you're like when the sun's risen.”

“I was given to understand the facility is underground.”

“It is.” Dill spoke up at last. “There aren't even windows. Air vents, but no windows.”

“It's not the actual sunlight I'm worried about. Your reactions suffer when the sun's up, love. You get slow.”

“Best we get it over quickly then.” Her hand fell to a row of bo-shuriken on her thigh. “Because I'm not letting you take Lucy without supervision from a responsible adult.”

“Fair enough.” Harold shrugged off his jacket. “I'll nip upstairs while you sort Lucy out. Dill? Can you make tea? There are some travel mugs in the cupboard over the kettle.”

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