Monday, April 23, 2012

Dead Rite Chapter 106.01

“What time is it?”

Harold checked his watch. “Two fifteen.”

 “Sun-up is at six-fifteen. We should be safely underground by then.” Gillian checked her harnesses and settled the baby sling more comfortably around her midriff. Lucy was a bit big for it but it was the safest method of carrying her and ensured she could nap for much of the journey.

 “Easily.” Dill walked with a limp that would be cured whenever he managed to eat again. He checked his phone one last time before the signal died. “Sam will be on the lookout for us. He'll open any doors we need opening.”

“Useful to have a ghost in the machine on our side.” Jasfoup tested the strength of the pit prop holding up the roof. He and the imps had spent several hours hollowing and tunnelling into the passage. The whole three miles was supported solely by wooden posts and blockboard sheets, everything soaked in paraffin and oil. One match would collapse the whole length of tunnel and fry everything caught inside it.

 “I wish we had Felicia at our backs as well.” Harold looked down at the house, where lights still showed in several windows. Devious was still repairing the damage to the kitchen but would join them as soon as he was needed.

 “Well we haven't.” Gillian headed into the darkness.

 Dill grimaced. “Did anyone bring a torch? I can't see in the dark like you lot.”

 “Here.” Harold handed him one. “Just don't light a match.”

“Funny. I could just do with a ciggy now. I think it's my nerves.”

 “Bad for your health, cigarettes.”

“So's death, but I managed that.”

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