Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 106.06

“Pictures? Now?”

“Yes.” Harold took one of the finger-bone mural and followed it with several close-ups. “There's a good chance I'll never see this again, especially once we've collapsed that tunnel.”

“Why is there a tunnel from Magelight to your house?” Dill posed for a photograph by standing behind a pile of skull so that his head looked like a recent addition. “I mean, a fellow could get paranoid about who he's actually gone to for help.”

“The tunnel was there long before Magelight.” Jasfoup stubbed out his cheroot and opened a small portal to dispose of it. “The monks found the tunnel and subsequently this chamber, then widened it and made it more passable over the seventy year life of the monastery. Before my time, of course, but I've met people who were around then. Magelight built their facility in the eighties, expanded it and connected to this place more or less by accident. The only access used to be by transdimensional portal and was put in place by one of the Fae, but they must have made a physical connection in recent years. I meant to close it down when Vixen appeared a year or two ago.”

“Why didn't you?”

The demon shrugged. “I forgot.”

“Can we get on?” Gillian took Dill's nub end off him and passed it to Jasfoup. “Surprise attacks by strike forces don't generally stop to chat and take pictures of the scenery along the way.”

“Hey! I was still smoking that.”

“Tough.” Gillian checked Lucy was still asleep and headed to the opposite side of the cavern. “Death and Taxes, glory boys.”

“What did she say?”

“The only things you can't avoid in life.” Harold clapped Dill on the shoulder. “ Death and taxes.”

“And 'glory boys'?”

Harold sniffed. “Let's not go into that, eh?”

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