Monday, April 30, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 106.08

“Humans are descended from goblins?”

“No.” Jasfoup stood back to let Dill go before him. “Not all humans, anyway. Just as the angels bred with humans and begat nephilim, so did several other races. The Fae, the elves, the goblins, the n'quani. You'd be surprised how muddy the gene pool is, two hundred generations on. Finding a pure human is as likely as finding an honest politician.”

“Well I'll be blowed.”

“Not as a zombie you won't. Better get used to that, my old son. No more blow jobs. Not ever.”

“Not that I got many before.”


“Sam and I have a plan to make golems to house our spirits inside. No more rot. No more decay. No more needing to eat human flesh to survive.”

“And no more sex. The three fundamentals of life. Food, shelter and procreation. If you make yourself into golems, or self-aware homunculi, to be more accurate, you'll have done away with the three things that have driven humanity to evolve as far as it has. You won't be human any more.”

“We're not human now. At least we'll be able to converse with other members of society without fear of leaving our lips stuck to the wine glass at a cocktail party.”

“No, you'll be forever on the sidelines of humanity, forever excluded. More than you are now, in fact. At least if you feed you can appear normal and have a reasonable life among humans. As homunculi you're as doomed as a brain in a jar in old Star Trek re-runs, destined to forever long for human experience. Better to stay as close to human as you can.”

“In rotting bodies?”

“Everyone rots, Dill. Even the living.”

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