Friday, April 27, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 107.04

“Ta.” Percival finished off his sandwich and took a swig of tea while his mouth was still full of bread. “S'magic, that. Just like me' ma's.”
“I'm glad you approve.” White took a sip of his own and grimaced. He could feel his libido retreating further with every passing second. “It's a bit stewed, in my opinion.”

“I like it like that. Mam used to have an Aga stove with a pot of tea stewing on the warming plate all day long. Tea leaves, too, none of your fancy bags. It wan't a proper cup of tea unless it ate the silver plate off a spoon.” Percival slipped off the paper wrapping and slid his thumbnail along the silver foil, bisecting it to allow access to the wafer bar inside. He snapped it in half and pulled out one finger of chocolate. “These used to be bigger.”

“You can still get the big ones but the vending machines only take the small ones. That was forty pence as it was.”

“Forty pence?” Percival stopped chewing and stared open mouthed at him. White could see the mess of masticated chocolate and glanced away, preferring to look at his notes. “They were fourteen for a big one yesterday.”

“You have been gone a long time.”

“I suppose. I can't really believe it.” He swallowed and used the second finger of Kit Kat to point at the manilla folder. “That my lad, then?”

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