Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dead Rite chapted 109.02

“That makes sense, I suppose. We'll wait until it moves off. Less chance of it spotting us if it's concentrating on where it's going.”

“Yes sir.” Peters peered down the corridor. “What does it want with the computer, do you think? Whoever's behind it, I mean. If you've got the technology to create that, surely you don't need a computer cobbled together from old mobile phones.”

“Any number of reasons. Perhaps the computer knows the identity of the robot man. Perhaps he needs access to the internet. Perhaps he wants to integrate the two two and make a functioning, self-aware robot.”

“That would be an android, sir.”

“Can't be. It'd be too big to get inside a mobile phone.” White watched his sergeants eyes narrow as he tried to work out if he was being played. Honestly, how old did Peters think he was? The Terminator came out in eighty-four when he was still in his twenties. Of course he'd seen it, though he still didn't think it as good as the earlier Blade Runner or the later Aliens. It wouldn't be a surprise to discover Peters thought he'd grown up with Chaplin and Harold Lloyd.

“No sir. Two different things. Android on the phone is an operating system, like windows.”

“Ah.” He pretended to have a moment of enlightenment. “You can see through it, you mean.”

“No sir. I meant the system on your computer...” Peters huffed. “You're having me on, aren't you?”

“Just a little bit, sergeant, though I do feel a tad guilty about it. Pulling your leg is the mental equivalent of pretending to throw a ball for a dog.”

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