Monday, May 7, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 107.06

“So how do we find my son?”

“We don't. Or more specifically, you don't.” White retrieved the document. “Firstly, you were arrested for a breach of the peace and there's no way I can release you until you've come before the beak in the morning. Don't say anything about time travelling or a missing lad. Just say you're sorry and it won't happen again and maybe you'll get released without bail. Secondly, Sam Trubshaw knows nothing about you. As far as he's concerned, he grew up without a father at all. Having you turn up out of the blue is likely to upset him, the fact you're younger than he is notwithstanding. Actually, he's more likely to understand the quantum economics of the situation than just about anyone else.”

“Quantum mechanics, I think you mean.”

White fixed him with the best steely stare he could muster. “You've been missing for twenty-two years. Factor in the cost of raising a child, the missing birthday and christmas presents and an annual holiday they didn't get and then we'll talk about whether it's mechanics or economics.”

Percival had the good grace to look away. “Point taken.”

“Right.” White stood. “We'll put you in a cell for the rest of the night. I suggest you get a bit of kip. If you're going to be of any use at all in the morning you'll need to be alert. I'm going to be sorting through paperwork in my office.”

“Can't I just go home?”

“Home? To Mary McKinty?”

No. To me' mam's.”

“Mr. Trubshaw, did no-one mention it? Your mother died in 'ninety-four.”

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