Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 108.02

“How do you know that?” White pulled out of Lime Road and headed toward the town. Have you been researching it?”

“No, of course not. It just stands to reason that two spotty youths don't come up with a semi-sentient computer on their own. The chances are they saw something on telly which gave them the idea.”

“On telly?”

“Yes. A film or something. Hal from 2001 or Orac from Blake's Seven.” Peters blew on his hands. “Are you sure this heater's working? I'm going to freeze to death in a minute. There should be some minimum working conditions set out for this job. No getting up at four in the morning, no driving about without a heater that's got a better setting than 'Arctic Midnight'...”

“You should complain to your union rep.” White shifted down a gear and put his foot down. At this time of the morning the streets were all but empty bar the odd motorcyclist. Why was there always a motorcyclist? “Oh, wait. I'm your union rep and I was the one sat outside in the cold while you had your morning porridge.”

“Very funny, Sir.” Peters opened the glove compartment. “There's not even any chocolate in here. Remember when we did stake-outs? We always had chocolate in glove compartment.”

“Aye, we all smoked an' all.”

“Not me. I never smoked. Not voluntarily, at any rate. I probably smoke enough of yours second hand to give me cancer, mind.”

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