Monday, May 14, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 108.06

White huffed, his hands on his hips as he stared up at the dead cameras. “Why doesn't that surprise me? The whole week we've been three steps behind everything that's going on. I'm hesitant to say there's a conspiracy but with everything that's going on I can't help thinking the wool's been pulled over my eyes somewhere. Between the mysterious deaths, the equally mysterious people being still alive when they ought to be dead, the strange disappearance and cover up of the two missing lads and now this the same day we discover this super-computer?” He shook his head. “There certainly is something wrong, sergeant, and I'm fed up with being on the trailing edge of it all.”

“How can we be otherwise? We can't investigate something before it happens.”

“How indeed?” White sucked his lip as he thought of all the events leading up to this moment. “Have you ever seen a cartoon where the hero is looking for something at the centre of a maze but doesn't know how to get there?”

“It's a central theme of Grecian lore, sir.”

“Yes, but I'm thinking modern day and frustrated hero.”

“Ah. Smash through the walls, you mean?”

“Exactly.” White lifted a booted foot and kicked at the computer block door. Wood splintered. He did it again and again, until the frame splintered far enough to free the mortice bar. “Let's just say I'm the frustrated hero.”

“Yes sir.” Peters's grin flashed in the pre-dawn light. “It's a good job the cameras aren't working after all.”

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