Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 108.07

“I wouldn't have been so blatant if they had been, sergeant.” White pushed open the door and stepped over the broken glass. “I'd have got you to do it.”

“And then put me on report, no doubt.” Peters followed him into the building. He pulled out his torch and shone it along the corridor. “Do you remember the way?”

“Mostly.” White waited for the beam of the torch to pick out a light switch and turned them on. “It's easier when I can read the signs, though.”

“Aren't you advertising our presence?”

“That's what it says in the book.” He pulled out his service revolver. He'd had it ever since he'd been assigned to Special Crimes and not once in twenty-seven years had he fired it at a living person. Today, for some reason he couldn't define, he wanted it in his hand. There were too many unknowns in this case. “You must always announce your presence to persons in pursuit of a crime.”

“That's more shouting 'put your hands up, this is the police' than just turning on the light. You can't expect to catch someone if you go along turning on the lights.”

“I might reasonable expect them to run away, in fact.”

“I suppose so.”

“Which would probably save both our lives.” He peered around the edge of a door frame. A silver figure was dismantling the supercomputer.

White lowered his voice. “Unless they just didn't care. What the devil's that? A robot?”

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