Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 109.01

A large silver figure was packing parts of the super computer into a cardboard box. It did look like a robot, though something White hadn't seen before. Not that he ever got to watch television, let alone science fiction. Beryl always maintained that there was enough fiction in the world already so there was no point in encouraging it. She generally followed such pronouncements by switching over to Eastenders of Coronation Street.

“It looks like a terminator, Sir.” Peters kept his voice muted. “I don't see how it could be, though.”

“A terminator?”

“A self-aware android from the future. One that's travelled back in time to assassinate the leader of the resistance in a post-apocalyptic world of machines.”


“Films, Sir. How can you not know about the Terminator films? They've been around since the eighties.”

“I don't have time for television.”

“But you should keep aware of popular culture. You can't begin to understand the patterns of modern crime without understanding the influence of popular culture.”

“Is that what they teach you at Hendon, now? Amateur psychology?”

“Not exactly, sir, but you have to keep up with the times.”

“What do you reckon then? Bloke in a suit or a remote control toy?”

“Remote control, sir. Definitely. Look at it's legs. Way too thin to have a real leg inside it.”

“I'm guessing it has cameras for eyes, then. Think we can creep up on it?”

“Can't we just follow behind and nab the bloke operating it?”

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