Friday, May 18, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 109.03

“Whatever you feel is nec--” He fell silent and ducked back behind the corner as light flooded the building.

“'Ere, what's your game?” The voice was thin, reedy as it echoed from the magnolia-painted walls. White risked a peek around the corner. An old man had entered the room from the other side and was staring at the android. He hadn't realised there was more than one entrance to the computer lab. Stupid, really, there had to be another exit in case of fire and a second exit meant a second entrance.

Peters looked out as well. “There is a security guard after all.”

“More of a night watchman. What's he going to do with an intruder? Come on.” White stepped out of hiding. “That's far enough. This is the police. Put the box down and your hands up.” He stepped into the room and moved to his left. When he had line of sight to the android, he raised his revolver. In his peripheral vision he could see Peters going the other way. Neither of them had the android between them and the night watchman. There was less chance of him being his should they shoot.

Peters got the prize for the most redundant statement of the evening. “It looks armoured, sir. Go for its eyes.”

“Thank you, sergeant, I was capable of working that out for myself.”

The android showed no sign of compliance. It turned its head, looking at each of them in turn.

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